Photobooth Hire

The following contract and its terms will set forth an agreement between the provider and the customer for the hire of the photo booth. This written contract sets forth the full, written intention of both parties and supersedes all other written and/or oral agreements between the parties.

Service Period

Provider agrees to have a Photo Booth operational for a minimum of 80% during this period; operations may need to be interrupted for maintenance of the photo booth (eg restocking photo paper).


A £50 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking a photo booth to secure the date. Large scale events or corporate events may require a larger deposit. The remaining balance is due 30 – 45 days prior to your event.  If the operator has to use the equipment for a time period in excess of the hire period agreed, the additional time will be billed to the customer at the following rates: £100 per hour of use. Idle hours are charged at £40 per hour.  Payment for any additional time required must be paid before any additional hours are provided.

Access, Space & Power for the Photo Booth

The Customer will arrange for an appropriate sized space for the Photo Booth at the event venue. Booth Specs are: 2.4m long x 1.3m wide x 2m high (or 8’ x 4’3” x 6’7”)

We also require a space for the Props Box. Box Specs are 0.6m deep x 1m wide x 0.6m high (or 2’ x 3’3” x 2’).

We also require a small table and a chair if you choose the Photo Album option so your guests can sit and write their personal messages.

The Customer is responsible for providing adequate power for the Photo Booth.

Date Changes & Cancellations

Any request for a date change must be made in writing at least ninety days (90 days) in advance of the original event date. Change is subject to photo booth availability and receipt of a new booking agreement. If there is no availability for the alternate date, the deposit shall be forfeited and the event cancelled.

Any cancellation will forfeit any deposit payment made.  Your deposit is non refundable.

Should you wish to cancel a Photobooth hire the agreed fee will be due, Refunds will only be given where no future hire has been requested on that date (Ie Another client has been turned away because you had already hired the Photobooth), or Where upon notification of cancelation it is possible to resell the date.  Only hire the photobooth if you are confident the event will occur as you may lose your deposit and may be required to settle the balance.


Damage To Provider’s Equipment

The Customer acknowledges that it shall be responsible for any damage or loss to the Provider’s Equipment caused by any misuse of the Provider’s Equipment by the Customer or its guests.