Audio Guest Book Hire

Audio Guestbook and Audio Phone Box Hire

Only £75 to £299

Prices stated are for Wedding Photography clients only.

Option A – Phone Only : £75

Option B – Phone and Background : £150

Option C – Replica Phone Box and Audio Guest Book : £299

Option A – £75

The Telephone Audio Guest Book

Choice of Colours, Vintage style or Retro Style, Your own personalised greeting, unlimited recordings, printable signage, download your voice messages

Option B – £150

Phone and background.  Includes Neon Sign, Foliage Background, Printed Personalised Instructions  – £150

Customised with your personalised greeting, unlimited recordings, printable signage, download your voice messages

Option C – £299

The Telephone Box Audio Guest Book – £299

A full size replica Ivory phone box, comes complete with retro or vintage telephone, foliage background and neon sign. All day hire, set up and assembly included.

Audio Guest Books – Telephone Box Audio Guest Books

The new trend for weddings has arrived at Amore Photography! The audio guest book is an up and coming addition to your wedding day which creates memories to last a lifetime! The audio guestbook features a retro phone that records messages left by your guests throughout your wedding day. Why not add a full size Ivory telephone box for your guests to enjoy, this audio booth comes with a retro phone, neon sign and foliage backdrop for that touch of elegance.

Choice of colours and style

Latest software versions

Full charged and ready to go upon delivery

How it works

1. Your guests pick up the handset and hear your personalised pre recorded message.

2. After the beep, your guests leave their message to you.

3. Once your guests have finished, they simply return the handset to the cradle.

4. Their message to you is safely recorded and stored and will be available to download within 2 working days


What is an Audio Guest Book?

An Audio Guest Book is an alternative to a written guest book. The telephone works just like a voicemail service, your guests lift the handset, listen to your pre recorded message, wait for the beep and then leave their message to you. Once they have finished they replace the handset and the voicemail is stored on the phone. When you return the phone to us, we collect all of the audio messages, put them onto a cloud drive and send you the link.

How it works?

You choose the audio guest book you would like, tell us if you would like it delivered or want to collect. Then you get the phone and instructions. Your guests leave you messages and then we upload them to the cloud for you once the phone is returned.

How it is powered?

Audio guest books are battery powered and comes fully charged. However we strongly recommend you top up the charge the night before your event. A USB cable is provided for charging

How to get recordings?

Once the audio guest book has been returned to us, the recordings are uploaded on to cloud storage. You will receive a link to the cloud storage to download your recordings.

Do you charge a Security Deposit?

For non Wedding Clients A £200 security deposit is required, this is fully refundable once the audio guest book is returned and checked. Normal wear and tear is accepted (such as minor scratches or marks) but other damage such as cracks/dents are chargeable. Once the phone comes back in good condition the security deposit is quickly refunded. The main reason we charge a security deposit is because if we don’t so many people just never return them.