Gold Digital – Wedding Photography – £549

Gold Digital Wedding Photography Package

Coverage from Bridal Preparations until the Speeches – Only £549 (Mon-Thur £449*)
Plus 6x4inch Prints, High resolution Images & Web Gallery

The Gold package offers clients coverage of the majority of the day and includes nearly all the formalities associated with weddings in a friendly, energetic way.  Typically Full day coverage starts approximately 2 hours before the ceremony for the bridal preparations.  Photography then continues through the ceremony (Subject to restrictions) onto the Group Shots, Natural Shots, Bride and Groom shots, Room decorations, speeches, cake cutting and finishing with the speeches. This package mixes formal shots with natural moments to create a beautiful mix of moments.  After the speeches I’ve finished with the part of the process that you see, but I still have several days of Photo editing to go before the work is ready.  This package usually produces between 300 and 500  images which are carefully edited and then given to you on high Resolution image disc(s) or available as a download as well as been printed at 6x4inch.  This package is the same as the Gold Album in terms of coverage just without the final album.

Typically (But not always as ever wedding is different) this package would include Bridal preparations, Pictures of accessories ie Flowers, Button holes, Bride arriving at the venue, Ceremony, Group shot, Confetti, Family Shots, Bridal Party, Bride and Groom, Room Decorations, Cutting of the cake / Mock Cake and finishing with the speeches.

Only £549


 Included with this package as Standard

  • Wedding Photography coverage from Bridal preparations (At least 2 hours before) through to the end of the speeches. Typically (But not always) the images will be a mixture of formal, relaxed moments and spontaneous unscripted shots all mixed together to show the moments you remember and the bits you never saw.
  • All The final Wedding images, typically at least 300 in high resolution, Without watermarks on either image discs or as a Download.  I don’t mind you uploading/printing or sending guests your wedding photographs and personal printing is never a problem.
  • All the final images are professionally printed at 6x4inch inside a basic slip in presentation album for you to keep. These are ready approximately 15 days after the wedding and usually over 300 prints are produced. All of which are yours to keep. All printing is from trade labs using only the best materials and highly configured printing machines.
  • A little chat before the wedding to discuss the details, talk about timings, talk about any group shots you would like, talk about what you feel comfortable with and what you would like and generally talk things over in an informal way.
  • A complimentary web gallery displaying your photographs with purchasing options. If family or friends want to view your wedding photographs from anywhere in the world, then its not a problem just direct them to your web gallery.
  • Digital editing on your photographs done to your preferences. Maybe you like Full colour or Black and white or Vintage and Retro toning’s or maybe just a mix of everything. Its not a problem. All photographs have to be put through editing software to tone them up and make them look the best they can.
  • Images are typically ready 10-15 working days after your wedding – just in time to view once your back from your honeymoon.  Plus a free password protected web gallery lasting for 6 months with purchasing options so friends and family can look at your pictures online after you’ve approved the work.
  • Back Office editing and processing. Image editing occurs for many more hours after I leave the wedding to produce a beautiful finished product – This is my chosen profession and has been for a number of years, all the work I hand over has been edited, toned and checked, nothing comes straight from the camera and never will.
  • Agreed price at the time of booking without any worries of future price increase, the price and services offered will always remain the same as on the day you booked. You book a package at a price and it stays at that price
  • Honest help and advice throughout the process. I am contactable most days between 9am and 9pm and am always happy to ask questions or provide advice.

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* Midweek Discounts are valid from the 2nd January until the 23rd December each year. Midweek discounts are not applicable between 23rd December and 1st January.