Albums & Storybooks Available

Album & Storybooks Available

Amore Photography offers a selection of different Storybooks & Wedding albums on all of our Album packages and clients are asked to choose which you would prefer your favorite photographs to be presented in. Each album comes in a variety of colours, finishing and sizes. All Storybooks are certified handmade and come bound in material of your choosing and also in a presentation box.. Albums & Digital albums are dependent on the manufacturer for presentation.

The design inside a storybook is down to personal preference and as such I offer 3 very different design styles, have a look at this very interesting blog post (Link Below) which details the choices on album design and how different designs work.  The images inside the Storybook are chosen by the client.

Album Design Styles Blog Post – Click Here

Acrylic Storybooks

25x25cm Acrylic Storybook | Acrylic Presentation Case | Matching USB

Wedding album storybooks available free



The Box Set
30x30cm Storybook | Presentation Case | Matching USB



Acrylic Storybook

Wedding Storybook

The Modern Digital Album (Opens to 20×10 inch) Modern Digital Wedding album
Available for FREE on Silver/Gold/Platinum Album Packages subject to conditions

Wedding Album

Personalised Modern Album (Opens to 20×10 inch) Personalised Modern Album
Available for FREE on Silver/Gold/Platinum Album Packages subject to conditions

Digital Wedding Album AImportant

Albums are available for a period of 365 days from the date of your wedding. It is vital that you submit your album choices within this period to avoid disappointment. After a period of 365 days you will lose the album option. Please submit within this period or don’t order an album